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So Who Are We?

Property investments are a big deal and as property investors and home owners ourselves, no one understands this better than we do.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia and serving the international investment community, Top Property Deals USA is a full real estate investment service. We work laterally with our clients every step of the way to provide an exclusive one-stop investment platform while upholding our own high standards of professionalism and service. When you need a dedicated team of professionals who will listen and respond to your needs and the needs of your investment portfolio, trust in Top Property Deals USA to show you what we can do for you today.

Our Philosophy
Working since 2011, Top Property Deals USA is a name that sources out high quality properties for you going by the rule, “if the property is something that we ourselves would invest in, only then it is worthy of our clients.” We strive to help our fellow investors do the same by getting a great investment property and great returns; you have our word on it. When we add a personal “in your shoes” philosophy to our work, we are able to provide honest, simple, and great property deals. Working in this manner is our passion and quite simply, the only way our work comes to us naturally.

We believe our investors deserve to receive the highest quality and solid investment with a top-notch customer service. This is why we specialize in finding properties in Atlanta, Georgia, and have a strong local market knowledge and network to locate a high-yielding property with great potential, and negotiate the best purchase price at current market conditions for you.


How Can We Help You?

Safe and Simple Investments: Top Property Deals USA was founded under the principle of offering our clients real-world solutions to all of their real estate investment needs. This means that we do all the homework for you – finding the best properties with great values, directing all the processes, and ensuring that the investment you are making will prove to be successful. It is this type of hard work that has made us flourish before and we plan to keep at it.

Icon - BoardMake It Simple for You

  • We coordinate all the steps from sourcing of the property until tenant move in.
  • We give you access to our network and support team in USA: legal, taxation, renovation, property management…


Icon - HouseReduce your Risk

  • We make available turnkey property packages (move-in ready with or without tenant in place)
  • We provide cash flow report with estimate of all costs for each property


Icon - PigSave You Time

  • You can leverage our knowledge and support team in USA
  • No travel is required – you just need to fill in some paperwork and transfer funds


Icon - FinanceMake it Safe & Reliable for You

  • We have independent team of attorneys and accountants
  • We help you search public records as needed: Zillow.com, Trulia.com, County website


Pool Money AltogetherIcon - Egg

  • Better deals and opportunities are available when several properties are bought together
  • Entry point will be lower per person


Why Us

Top Property Deals USA has a few advantages up its sleeves that make us a trustworthy name for you to opt for regarding your real estate in the USA deals.

  • Safe and simple US investments reliability due to planned and thorough market search for the best properties
  • Service that works hand in hand with you – on a professional yet personal level
  • One-stop shop for the best deals
  • A personal philosophy to work by: only provide the properties we ourselves would invest in!
  • Trustworthy and honest recommendations, being investors ourselves
  • Target net return of 10% for our investors
  • Strong local knowledge and network in the Atlanta market, the 6th best city to invest in, as per Forbes


Connect with Us Today

To learn more about Top Property Deals USA and our one-stop shop solutions, contact us today and let us assist you and answer any questions you might have.

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About Us

Based in Atlanta, Georgia and serving the international investment community, Top Property Deals USA, LLC is full real estate investment service, founded under the principle of offering our clients real-world solutions to all of their real estate investment needs. We provide a one-stop shop service where we make U.S. Investments SAFE and SIMPLE while sourcing quality properties for you! We work to ensure your investment is successful, watching over and directing all the processes from offer to tenanting.

Contact Us

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USA: +1 608-618-3006

Top Property Deals USA, LLC
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